Equipping You To Lead, Care, and Connect with Your Dog

                  to Achieve Control & Cooperation.

Homeskooling 4 Dogs

Private In-Home Dog Training

Appointments are scheduled Monday-Saturday.  (Mornings, afternoons, and evenings)


There are no contracts, nor minimum number of appointments required. Every client moves at their own pace until they accomplish what they desire.


I cover all of Southern California.  Primary Service Area: Fallbrook, the greater Temecula area, Murrieta, La Cresta, Menifee, Sun City, Wildomar, Canyon Lake, Lake Elsinore, and Corona. An additional charge for locations outside of these areas will apply.


If you are interested in scheduling an appointment please contact me at:



Appointments are generally scheduled at the home of the dog(s).  


Fee structure


General Training & Problem Solving               

        1 ½ hour first appointment                              $150.00

        1 hour subsequent appointments                 $125.00


Shelter Adoption (within 60 days)

        1 ½ hour appointment                                        $125.00

        1 hour subsequent appointments                  $110.00


Reactive and/or Aggression Cases  

         2 – 2 ½ hour first appointment                     $250.00

         1 ½ hour subsequent appointments         $150.00


My preference is the use of a properly fitted martingale collar, or a standard buckle collar.

No electronic training aids or electronic collars (e-collar), or any type of “prong”, or choke chain type collars are used.


Effective training is accomplished by understanding dogs, not the tools.

Our favorite collars are from Earth Dog.  Save 10% on your purchase by using the link below.

Earth Dog collars look great and are well made. Another big advantage of hemp is that it does not hold odors like nylon. Martingale collars are my favorite walking and training collars. Martingale collars are great collars for securely controlling your dog. (Not choking them) There are no buckles to break. When fitted properly it prevents the dog from backing out of the collar. For most dogs a proper fit is when the leash is tightened and the two metal rings touch and not constrict on the dogs neck while still leaving room for you to place two fingers under the collar. It should be fitted just tight enough that the dog cannot back out of it. Once the collar is fitted correctly it should slip over the head easily without the need to loosen. Martingales collars should not be left on unsupervised dogs. Instead use a standard buckle collar like the Earth Dog adjustable collars