Equipping You To Lead, Care, and Connect with Your Dog

                  to Achieve Control & Cooperation.


For a dog to enrich your life, you need a relationship built on
Trust, Respect, & Desire.
This only comes with time, commitment and communication.

Private Consultation and In-Home Dog Training
Glenn Massie currently provides behavioral consultation services and private in-home dog training.

Group Classes
We are planning to offer a group class in the near future. If you would be interested in attending a group class with your dog, please email us and we will add you to our interest list and let you know when we will be offering a group class.
10 Reasons to contact Us:

  1. You feel you made a mistake adopting the dog
  2. Your veterinarian advised you to get help
  3. Other trainers have been ineffective
  4. Other trainers refuse to train the dog
  5. The dog was asked not to return to a group class
  6. You are not in control of the dog
  7. You believe the dog is not trainable
  8. Your dog displays aggression
  9. Your dog is fearful or anxious
  10. Our focus is on protecting and enriching lives (both yours and the dogs)
10 Rules for dog owners

  1. Clean up after your dog
  2. Always provide fresh clean water
  3. Feed your dog a balanced, quality food
  4. Walk your dog daily
  5. Do not leave a training collar on an unsupervised dog (choke, check, prong, halti, etc...)
  6. Build a relationship with your dog based on trust, respect & desire
  7. Find a good and caring veterinarian
  8. Enrich your dog's life and environment
  9. Keep your home poison free
  10. Be your dog's best friend and pack leader