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iPhone App's

In cooperation with Treviso Media Group, the ASPCA has developed Pet Safe, which is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch and includes toxic plant information compiled by our team of toxicologists. The application is a great tool when you're shopping for new houseplants, planning your garden, or checking if the plants in your home or yard are toxic. Pet Safe includes:

  • a searchable database of plants reported to adversely affect the health of dogs, cats and horses;
  • detailed profiles of each plant, including common and scientific names, images and a list of potential symptoms if ingested;
  • information to help you if your pet has ingested something toxic; and
  • one-touch dialing to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

Paw Card: Pet Tracker for Your Dog and Cat

Keep track of your pet's vital information. With Paw Card, you can create unlimited profiles for your dogs, cats, and other pets.

Track your pet's medications and weight (including graphs). Create notes and journal entries. Save veterinary contacts and vaccination history. Record identification tags and medical conditions.