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Enriching Your Dog's Life

Make your dog's life more interesting
Take your dog out daily for exercise and give him a chance to enjoy the outside world.
A fulfilled dog, is a happy dog.
Stop and smell the flowers, and let your dog explore and appreciate the world.
Make your dogs life more interesting and stimulating.
Fill & freeze with things your dogs likes for a special treat.
Freeze a West Paw Design "Tux" with peanut butter and other treats inside. Go to the "Dog Toys We Like" page.

Does your dog have a lot of energy?


Could your dog be happier?


Then make your dog's life more interesting and fulfilling! Enrich your dog's life!


Dogs engaged in enrichment activities are less likely to develop the inappropriate behaviors that are the result of boredom, stress, and frustration. Dogs can display behaviors out of stress and frustration such as, barking, jumping, spinning, chewing, among others.  


Excessive stress can leave dogs susceptible to depression, frustration, dietary disturbances, and even compromise their immune system. Long-term stress reduces the immune system's ability to fight disease so it is important that stressors are reduced for the dogs. (It is the same for humans)


Variety is the key to an enriching life for your dog. Engage all five of your dogs' senses, to make their days more interesting. Anything that is unchanging is no longer unique and loses it value quickly.




Stimulate your dog's sense of smell by placing a drop of an essential oil in a spray bottle of distilled water and spray a scent trail on ground for them to follow and explore.

Hidden out of view at the end of the scent trail, place a special treat for them find and to entertain themselves with such as those listed below.


Treats Your Dog Will Want To Work For

The following are great treat dispensing products that we highly recommend.


by West Paw Design   (Our favorite Products)

Tux.  It's like a dog's chance to get his cake and eat it too! Tux is the perfect combination of a supremely stuffable / tossable dog treat toy and guaranteed-tough Zogoflex.

Just like our other Zogoflex toys, Tux is pliable, bounces, nontoxic, recyclable, and buoyant. Simply stuff your dog's favorite treat into the cavity of Tux and let 'er rip. Tux is even dishwasher safe for easy cleaning! Tux is a treat toy and was designed to withstand chewing, but still be fun - with or without a treat!

Recipe Ideas for Tux


·         Carrots and no-fat cottage cheese

·         Carrots and canned chicken breast

·         Apples and organic honey

·         Organic applesauce and plain non-fat yogurt

·         Bananas and blueberries

·         Small amount of Organic Peanut butter and applies or bananas

·         Water with a tablespoon of chicken or beef broth, and a few dog treats or dog jerky

·         Water with a tablespoon of broth and grated carrots


The above recipes and be frozen in ice-cube trays to save space. Then squeeze two ice-cubes into the Tux and serve.


TreatStik is a

treat dispensing toy that will offer your dog hours of mentally stimulating fun.

As your pet nudges & rolls the toy it randomly

dispenses its hidden treats

It is a deterrent from destructive behavior & can stand up to strong chewers

Screw cap designed for easy filling of treats

Easy to clean, just place in your dishwasher

A unique and fun treat dispensing dog toy proudly made in the USA

Canine Genius "LEO" treat release rubber toy.

The Canine Genius is one of our favorite dog products. Stimulating for dogs, and is easy to clean. Plus its made in the USA.

- The original connectable treat-release toy! The durable, hollow-core construction, open neck and two cross-cut holes allow Leo toys to be stuffed with treats. Great fun on its' own or connect two, three, or more Leos to create customizable treat-release puzzles (treats can travel from toy to toy). Feed dinner from a Leo to slow down gulpers, and exercise your dogs mind by giving them a "hunting and foraging" challenge at mealtime. Leo is a great way to help obese dogs lose weight too - extending the duration of a meal can help them feel more satisfied with less food. For dogs 10-200lbs. Weighs .8 lbs., 8"h x 4"w. Dishwasher safe and also great for fetch, tug-of-war, and water sports (they float too)! Made in the USA.
Place a special dry kibble into the Leo with a piece of dog jerky. Or you can feed your dog all or half of its meal in a Leo.

Use a paper towel roll and place treats, a special kibble, and/or a piece of dog jerky inside and hide for your dog. Place about a tablespoon of kibble, and a piece of jerky or other treat your dog loves.

Ice Treats

Freeze a piece of dog jerky (Costco) or other treats in a large plastic cup with water and a 1/4 cup of chicken/beef broth. Let your dog enjoy it.  (Take the ice block out of the cup first! Rinse the cup with water to loosen)

Chrissy pictured above is enjoying her dog size ice cube which has a piece of dog chicken jerky frozen in the center.

Twist n Treat is a great treat dispensing toy. It is easy to fill, and easy to clean. The openings are adjustable for differing sizes of treats or regular kibble.

Kibble Nibble & Tug-A-Jug

Kibble Nibble and Tug-A-Jug provide a multi-sensory appeal to keep dogs engaged and motivated to play. Both can be used for dispensing treats, and feeding meals. Both unscrew for easy cleaning.

Search for prices, or order directly from

Kong Wobbler

The KONG Wobbler is a KONG- shaped food dispensing toy and feeder that provides a new way to entertain and challenge your dog.  The Wobbler sits upright until pushed with a dog's paw or nose, then wobbles, spins and rolls, dispensing treats through a KONG-shaped hole near the top.  Dogs quickly learn that motion causes treats to fall out, but the unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging, even for seasoned Wobbler users.  

This is a great product. Dogs love it, and its is easy to clean.
Get a plastic pool and fill with Safe Sand and teach your dog to dig in this designated spot to find special treats. Paper towel roll with treats placed in a bag, etc... Make it fun!


kool dogz ice treat maker

The Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker has all the components necessary to create a customizable cool treat that's perfect for outside playtime. Kit includes reusable, freezable bucket and durable stainless steel construction.

Instructions - click on the picture below.


Directly from the Inventors of the Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker

Remember, you still must play with your dog everyday. They should desire to be with you because you are fun! They should gladly leave one of these treats to come to you!
Thank You!