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Nail Trimming

Peticure Elite

peticure® is the easiest and safest way to care for your pet's nails.

peticure® is the painless, easy, and humane way to care for your pet's nails.
  • why pet nail care?

Nail care is essential for your dog's comfort and health. If your pet's nails touch the floor or you can hear the nails "click" as your pet walks, your pet is due for a trim. Overgrown nails can cause a variety of problems from deformed feet (splayed toes), hip and back problems, to torn nails. Good dog nail care is essential to your pet's health and comfort!


We have used the Peticure Elite for over 2-years and recommend it highly. The Elite is cordless and strong enough to do tough nails. We would not use anything else.

We will be evaluating the
PETICURE Safe Guard that is made to fit the Dremel Rotary Tools next.