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                  to Achieve Control & Cooperation.

Escaping & Roaming

Make your dogs life more interesting and stimulating 
Stop and smell the flowers, and let your dog explore and appreciate the world also.
Make your dog's life more interesting
Fulfill your dogs companion and social needs
Give your dog more exercise. Get out and take a walk together
Secure the yard

Most dogs would naturally prefer an open habitat to roam and explore, rather than to live behind walls and fences. Dogs have a natural exploratory drive to check out their environment.  

Dogs are social animals, and when left in isolation the only social contact may be elsewhere.

Reasons for Escaping and Roaming

  • Yard not secure
  • Never has the opportunity to explore outside their own fence
  • Life looks more interesting on the outside
  • Boredom
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fear
  • Seek out social contact with other dogs or people

When dogs don′t have a routine of getting out of the house and yard they may attempt to escape their confines to explore. Many dogs if left in isolation will seek out social contact with people or other dogs, and often seek out a school or playground to be in the company of children.

Unaltered male dogs will tend to roam in search of a female dog in heat that they can smell from great distances.

We do not recommend the buried perimeter, Invisible fence, or any type of underground fence system.


There are several concerns with these types of systems.


  • Dogs can develop behavior problems like aggression and increased levels of frustration.
  • If a dog does escape the yard, it will be deterred from entering the yard due to the unpleasant experience it has learned is a result of getting close to the boundary
  • These systems do not deter other dogs from entering the yard
  • These systems do not deter people or children from entering the yard.  
  • If the dog is left unattended on an unfenced property − people may enter property and meet an unrestrained territorial dog, and or aggressive dog


To avoid problems with dogs escaping and roaming, secure your yard, do not leave your dog unattended in an unsecured yard, and take them out for walks and play regularly.

Dogs that have a predictable schedule of outings and quality time with the family are much less motivated to escape.

If your dog does escape, when you gain control over him again do not punish him or show any anger, nor shower him with affection. Punishing him will only discourage him from coming back the next time and giving him affection or treats will just reward and encourage the behavior. It is generally far better to act indifferent and aloof. 

Secure The Yard

If you need to secure the yard from escape, do a complete job the first time. If the yard is secured only slightly better after an escape the dog can learn that if they persist in their endeavors at escaping they can succeed. Eventually they may hurt themselves in their attempts. Far better they learn right away that the yard is escape proof.

Roll Guard, Inc.'s "Coyote Roller"

Features of the Coyote Roller

A Simple Concept That Yields Spectacular Results

Coyote Rollers make it difficult for dogs, coyotes, and other animals to gain the "foothold" they need to pull themselves up and over the top of an enclosure. The Coyote Roller is designed to freely rotate with as little as 2 ounces of pressure, and yet withstand 250 lbs.+ of weight in the center of a 4' roller.

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