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Breed Books

Which dog would suit you and your family? What sort of dog will that cute puppy become? Which breed will fit your lifestyle? Containing details of over 200 breeds, this book will help you choose just the right dog for you.

By Gwen Bailey

Dogs: The Ultimate Dictionary of Over 1,000 Dog Breeds

By Desmond Morris

One of the world's leading experts on animal behavior presents an authoritative guide to the origins and characteristics of every recognized breed of dog, from the Affenpinscher to the Zanzibar Greyhound. In addition, a fascinating look at the conflicting theories of canine behavior sheds new light on some old beliefs. From household pets to wild dogs, hunting hounds to sheep-herders, cattle-herders, even fish-herders, this comprehensive survey provides the history, qualities, and characteristics of each breed. Expert, meticulously researched information combines with superb illustrations to make this an unparalleled resource for dog lovers.

Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson know a thing or two about North Americas favourite pet. They share their wisdom and experience in this easy-to-understand, user-friendly, and comprehensive guide to selecting a breed, including: which breeds are good for small children, the elderly, the allergic, and the city-dweller; the characteristics of each breed; and which dogs are most compatible with different lifestyles. In addition, unlike most breed books, Paws to Consider discusses medical and behavioral problems typical to particular breeds, and offers fascinating information about canines and their potential owners.



BRAIN KILCOMMONS and SARAH WILSON are America's premier dog trainers and authors of numerous dog books. Brian hosted the national television series Pet News, was a past director at the City of New York Center for Animal Care and Control, and is on the faculty of Tufts University Veterinary School of Medicine. Sarah is also a media commentator, video producer, and publisher, whose articles have appeared in the Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Cosmopolitan.